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Our History

Continental-Aero: A History

Since 1948, Continental-Aero has been famous for stocking one of the largest Locknut inventories in the country, as well as for its branded Purple Nylon Tork LokNuts, All-Metal Locknuts and Finished Hex Nuts. Continental-Aero has a history that parallels the growth of Nylon Insert Lock Nuts ever since the end of World War II.

Aero Stop Nut was part of the original Newark, N.J.-based Fastener City, founded in 1945 by the late Sid Greendorfer. Lenny Robinowitz, Greendorfer's son-in-law, worked with him to build Industrial Nut & Bolt. By 1948 Greendorfer recognized the need for significantly better Locknuts and started the Aero Stop Nut Division of his Fastener City company. In 1982 Robinowitz acquired Continental-Fasteners of Niles, Illinois. Continental-Fasteners was the first importer of nylon inserts from Japan in 1972, and production of those parts was off of the company's own blueprints. In 1987, the company acquired Aero Stop Nut. Continental-Aero was the result of combining these two premier fastener providers, and it then became a major international company.

Continental-Aero has always prided itself on its service; service to its customers and to its employees. Continental-Aero staff form long-term relationships with the company and with its customer base. This loyalty between the employees and the company is the foundation of today's Continental-Aero. This continuity helps Continental-Aero maintain its premier position in the market place. In addition Continental-Aero is proud of its long- standing relationship with its worldwide suppliers.

Continental-Aero is proud that its Quality Management Systems at all locations have been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Imported Nylon Inserted Locknuts

In 1948, Sid Greendorfer recognized the need for significantly better Locknuts and searched for a Source. He found one, in Firth Cleveland, a British Fastener manufacturer of All Metal and Nylon Insert Locknuts. To market these products, he began the Aero Stop Nut Division. He hired Jerry Badner as its first salesman, who would stay for twenty-two years, culminating his career as the Division's Vice-President. Aero grew to become the largest vendor of Nylon Insert Locknuts in the U.S.


Ted Jarman also realized the potential in selling nylon insert locknuts. In 1966, he started Continental Fasteners and was the first to import locknuts with a branded nylon insert from Japan. Much of the original tooling in Japan originated with Continental. When production shifted from Japan to Taiwan, Continental drawings and specs accompanied the tooling.

Continental recognized the marketing potential of making the product with a traceable, fully recognizable color for the nylon insert. The ROYAL PURPLE TORK LOK NUT was created. The ROYAL PURPLE TORK LOK NUT is registered with the United States Patent office

Purple was and still is the premier trade color for Nylon Insert Locknuts worldwide. In a fastener world of commodity products, Continental-Aero's customers are able to reap the benefits of a fully branded, traceable product.

Aero Stop Nut

In 1976 Fastener City was sold by Sid Greendorfer to HMW Industries and he left the company. Sid's relatives, Bob Greendorfer and Leonard Robinowitz also eventually left. In 1982, Continental Fasteners, which had been acquired by a Japanese company, Kobayashi Metals, was sold to Mr. Robinowitz. In 1987, Aero Stop Nut, which at that time, was owned by Schaefer Supply, was also purchased by Leonard Robinowitz.

The business began to grow by leaps and bound. Catching a rising market throughout the 1980's and 90's, the company captured a significant market share of the nylon insert market. Its ROYAL PURPLE TORK LOK maintains a dominant position in North America. Sold only through distributors, it enjoys major sales throughout the industry, especially among the large fastener distributors in America.


Continental Fasteners and Aero Stop Nut were combined and renamed as Continental-Aero. In 1999, Continental-Aero hired Bill Giddins as a consultant. One week after purchasing Continental, Lenny hired Marty Schneider. Marty sunk his teeth into the business and became the president of Continental-Aero. In 2003, Bill Giddins became Vice President of Continental-Aero.

The Continental-Aero team was in place and expansion of the company continued with the addition of stocking warehouses: Pacific Warehouse in Santa Fe Springs (LA Metro) and Assembly Products Arlington (Dallas Metro). These locations allow Continental-Aero customers to speak with sales people from 7:30 am, East Coast time, to 6:00 PM West Coast Time. Our sales team is available at least thirteen-and-a-half hours per day!

In addition, the geographic dispersion of the warehouses minimizes shipping time and costs. In fact, many customers pick-up at all four locations.

Continental-Aero Today...

In 2004, Ms. Kelly Wiechen was hired for operations. She lead Continental-Aero's transition from Niles, IL to Alsip, IL in 2008. That year, she was promoted to Head of Operations.

In 2010, Bill Giddins became the Chief Executive Office, and Kelly Wiechen became the Chief Operating Officer.

Continental-Aero prides itself on having the most extensive Nylon Insert Locknut inventory in the nation. From 0 - 80 to 3" plus, they are available in all patterns and materials.

Heat-treated Grade 8's and Grade-C Top Locknuts are particularly popular, as well as the miniatures in Brass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel for the computer and electronic fields.

Metrics in DIN 982 and 985 are growing in popularity and availability. Inventory is always available in the NE, NTE, NU, and NTU patterns in Steel, Heat-treated Steel, 18-8 and 316 Stainless, Brass, Aluminum and Monel. Nylon Insert Wing Nuts, Miniature and Standard Clinch nuts, reversible, K-lock and serrated flange nuts are also heavily stocked.

Continental-Aero also stocks a full line of Grade 5 and grade 8 Finished hex Nuts in Chicago and New Jersey.

In 2004 Continental instituted strict policies on procurement to ensure that its sources of supply comply with its exacting quality requirements. The founders of Continental Fasteners and Aero-Stop Nut and the current management of Continental-Aero are dedicated to satisfying its customers.

And Tomorrow...

In June on, Continental-Aero was acquired by Tramec, LLC. President of Tramec, Gary Sullo commented, "The addition of Continental-Aero expands Tramec's product portfolio and enhances our presence in the fastener distribution marketplace. Continental-Aero provides an exceptional level of customer service and expertise in supplying both general-line fastener and vendor-managed inventory (VMI) distributors."

Continental-Aero is still evolving and continues to rely upon the same high standards of business that has allowed it to remain a force in the industry since 1948. In November of 2013 we ended our lease in Harrison and moved our NJ team to a spacious, modern office & warehouse in Lyndhurst, NJ.

Sid Greendorfer taught us that if you deliver quality products at fair & competitive prices with great service and follow the ABCs of the fastener business you have a chance to survive. Sid also said "change with the times or the times will pass you by." We are still learning and still changing and we haven't forgotten his formula for success — stay hungry and be customer oriented. I think he'd approve of what we're doing today with Continental-Aero.